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The Aquarium of Rhodes, officially known as the “Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes,” is a marine research and educational facility located in Rhodes Town on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

The Aquarium of Rhodes was established in 1934 by the Italian government, during the period when Rhodes was under Italian rule. It was initially founded as a center for marine research and the study of the local marine ecosystem.

The Aquarium is situated on the northern tip of Rhodes Town, near the Mandraki Port and the medieval walls of the city. Its location offers convenient access for visitors exploring the historic center of Rhodes.

The Aquarium features a variety of exhibits showcasing the marine life of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean region. Visitors can explore tanks containing a diverse array of fish species, as well as other marine organisms such as crustaceans, mollusks, and sea turtles.

In addition to its role as a tourist attraction, the Aquarium of Rhodes also serves as an educational institution. It offers educational programs and workshops for visitors of all ages, aimed at raising awareness about marine conservation and the importance of preserving aquatic ecosystems.

The Aquarium is actively involved in conservation efforts to protect endangered species and promote sustainable fishing practices in the region. It collaborates with local authorities, research institutions, and environmental organizations to support marine conservation initiatives.

Over the years, the Aquarium of Rhodes has undergone renovations and modernization efforts to enhance its facilities and improve the visitor experience. New exhibits, interactive displays, and multimedia presentations have been introduced to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of marine science and conservation.

Visitors to the Aquarium can expect to enjoy an informative and engaging experience as they explore the diverse marine life on display. The facility is suitable for visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for families, school groups, and anyone with an interest in marine biology.

Overall, the Aquarium of Rhodes offers a fascinating glimpse into the underwater world of the Aegean Sea and plays an important role in promoting marine conservation and education on the island of Rhodes.

Opening Hours
The Aquarium is open daily, except on New Year’s Day, Greek Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.
April 1st – October 31st : 09.00 – 20.00 November 1st -March 31st : 09.00-16.00

* General Admission – 6 euros
* Reduced Admission – 4 euros
Undergraduate students
Visitors 5-18 or over 65 years old
Unemployment Card holders
Families with three or more children
Journalists holding Editors’ Union Cards or Press International Cards
Groups of minimum 10 persons

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