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The Castle of Kritinia, also known as Kastellos, is a medieval fortress located on the west coast of the island of Rhodes in Greece.

Here’s some information about its history:

Construction: The Castle of Kritinia was built during the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John, also known as the Knights Hospitaller. It was constructed on a strategic hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, serving as a defensive stronghold to protect the western coast of Rhodes from invasions.

Strategic Importance: Situated at an elevation of approximately 131 meters (430 feet) above sea level, the castle provided an advantageous vantage point for monitoring maritime traffic and defending against potential threats from the sea.

Architecture: The castle’s architectural design reflects the military engineering techniques of the Knights Hospitaller. It features thick stone walls, sturdy towers, and battlements designed to withstand sieges and attacks. The layout of the castle includes residential quarters, storage facilities, and a central courtyard.

Occupation: Throughout its history, the Castle of Kritinia changed hands multiple times as various powers vied for control of Rhodes and the surrounding islands. It was occupied by the Ottomans after they conquered Rhodes in 1522 and later fell under the control of the Italian Fascist regime during the Italian occupation of Rhodes in the early 20th century.

Abandonment and Restoration: Following periods of neglect and abandonment, efforts have been made to preserve and restore the Castle of Kritinia in recent years. While much of the castle remains in ruins, restoration work has been undertaken to stabilize the structure and make it accessible to visitors.

Tourism: Today, the Castle of Kritinia is a popular tourist attraction on the island of Rhodes. Visitors can explore the castle ruins, climb its towers, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the Aegean Sea. The castle’s picturesque setting amidst olive groves and rugged terrain adds to its appeal as a historical and cultural landmark.

Overall, the Castle of Kritinia stands as a testament to the medieval military architecture of the Knights Hospitaller and serves as a reminder of Rhodes’ rich and diverse history.

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